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Dashboard overview

Once you’ve logged in, the WordPress Dashboard appears. This is your main administration homepage. At the very top of your Dashboard (and across every page) you will see the name of the site in the header area. This is also hyperlinked to your site’s homepage. You will also see the name of the person who is currently logged in (e.g. Joe Blogg). Move your cursor over your name to reveal the Log Out link as well as a link to edit your Profile.

When new or updated features are introduced into WordPress, you’ll be shown a New Feature Pointer. This is simply to bring to your attention some feature within the Dashboard that’s been added or updated.

On most pages, just below your Username there are a couple of small inverted tabs. One called Screen Options and another called Help. Clicking either of these links will cause a panel to slide down from the top of the page.

The Help link obviously displays some help information. The Screen Options link will display various options that allow you to configure what is displayed on the current page. The details in this panel change depending on what page that you’re currently viewing. As an example, on your main Dashboard page the Screen Options allow you to set which panels you’d like displayed on the page.

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