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Creating & editing pages

Page editing and creation can be done with Elementor Page Builder. Elementor is a visual editing plugin for WordPress which allows for editing to be done while viewing the front end of the website.

To edit an existing page, select the page you wish to edit using the pages section of the dashbopard sidebar, and click the Edit with Elementor button.

This will load the Elementor visual editor and take you to the front end of the website. Pages are made up of separate elements, similar to blocks in the native WordPress editor but with many more options. 

For simple text amendments, select the element that you wish to edit and use the intuitive text editor built into Elementor to make your changes. Clicking the green update button once you are finished will save the amended page. 


Click the hamburger menu icon in the Elementor sidebar to either preview the changes or exit to the back end of the website. 

Elementor is a powerful tool with many options for creating and editing pages. This website has been produced with custom created block templates saved to Elementor’s ‘My Templates’ directory. If you wish to create new pages then it is recommended to do so with these custom templates as much as possible in order to maintain the look and feel of the website. There is a copy of the ‘About’ page saved as a full page template. 

Please note that any new page will need to be added to the website navigation menu to ensure it is accessible by users. Menu customisation via WordPress Customizer is restricted to Administrator user roles, so please request menu editing from an Administrator if you need to.

Working with Elementor is a vast topic. For a full guide please refer to their excellent documentation and YouTube channel from the Elementor team. 

If you get stuck feel free to reach out by clicking the ‘How can we help?’ link below. 


How can we help?