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Why should you choose Clays Indie Publishing?

Because we have created Clays Indie Publishing for you. You are continuously challenging us, helping us, teaching us, and in return we have created a collection of services that you can rely on. You have told us what you need as authors and publishers, and we have listened, creating connections with industry professionals so that, by the end of the printing process, you have a book that you love.

  • I know that some Print on Demand services excel in customer service, but this is personal. And the quality of the books is far beyond what you could hope to achieve from a Print on Demand service. I'm delighted

    Jane Davis, Author

  • For the all-important job of printing, I turn to Clays [...] the whole process has been so easy and such a pleasure

    Adam Bethlehem, Author

  • I just wanted to share my excitement that the book is a reality at long last and to tell you that I am delighted with it and with the friendly, kindly service Clays has given us in the production of it [...] thank you very much for making my book so well"

    Morag Henriksen, Author

  • My books arrived today. They look great. Thank you

    John Huckstepp, Author

  • The Clays experience has been a lovely one

    Rob Self-Pierson, Author

Having been an integral part of the print and publishing industry over the last 200 years, Clays have the expertise to print any number of books, from 1 copy to millions.

With the maturity of the independent publishing market and the growing demand for quality publishing services, we wanted to create a service that authors could trust, and that suits your needs.

Book production can be complex and guidance is invaluable when you are starting from the very beginning. There is no set formula for a book and we encourage our authors to explore a range of options, providing advice as to what is the most economical format, cover finish and text paper, and also how they can expect to benefit from economies of scale. If you need other services like editing, design or typesetting, then we can introduce you to our contacts in these industries. Whether it is a high-end hardback or a standard paperback, we can help you to make your book not only a book, but also a beautiful object.

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