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Clays & The Children’s Book Project

The Children’s Book Project is a grassroots, volunteer-powered charity that understands the enormous power that reading has in shaping children’s lives. It tackles the attainment gap that results from low book ownership by giving children living in the most challenging circumstances the chance to own their own books. Its purpose is to foster sustainable, empowered reading communities via repeat, meaningful gifting programmes to those who would benefit most. The Children’s Book Project works with schools, women’s groups, prisons and children’s centres to give donated books (both new and preloved) to children and forge links with those communities that may benefit most from access to free books. In 2023 it donated its millionth book and was featured on the BBC’s One Show. Click here for further information about The Children’s Book Project.

Clays and the Children’s Book Project are delighted to announce we are now working together to put more books straight into the hands of the children that need them most. With the relevant publishers’ permission, Clays will donate books that publishers no longer require to the charity. These books will then be gifted on to communities whose families may not have the means to own their own books, or, where they could have a particularly positive impact on children’s emotional well-being, self-esteem or educational outcomes. For publishers this means that books that are no longer required and would have been at risk of being pulped, can now be given to those who would gain most from them.

Liberty Venn, founder of The Children’s Book Project says “We believe that, regardless of their circumstances, every child deserves access to inspiring reading material that expands their perspective on the world and helps them to fulfil their potential. We are incredibly excited that with the support of Clays and their publishers, more children living in poverty will have the chance to experience the joy of choosing and owning their own books.”

Vicky Ellis-Duveen, Sales Director at Clays, states “We are proud to support such a noble cause, igniting young minds, especially those who lack access to books. Together and with the help of our publishers, we can help share a story faced with the fate of being pulped when it could instead enrich young lives through such an honourable initiative.” Of course books will only be donated to The Children’s Book Project with the publisher’s express consent. Julia Barder, publisher liaison at The Children’s Book Project, will contact you shortly to explain more about this initiative.

Registered charity: 1183092

A PDF Copy of this release can be found here