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When we talk to indie authors and micro publishers about the challenges they face, one of the most recurring issues is distributing their books and getting their books into bookshops. We've taken notice and set up a distribution service with the UK's leading independent wholesalers of books. 


How it works

You, the author/publisher, print your books with Clays. If you choose to opt for our distribution through the Gardners route (please contact us if you would like to see the Clays - Gardners agreement) then we will send, for example, 10 of your books to Gardners or another agreed stock level. We have a direct feed into Gardners so that we can top up their stock from copies held in our factory in order that they continually replenish and have available stock for retailers to call in. We can provide storage facilities for you for any number of books you choose to print, and distribute these for you to other destinations as required. We advise that you take some books for direct selling opportunities, especially if you are planning school visits. We can also offer a quick reprint service should you need more stock at any point.


What we need you to do ...   

List Gardners as Your Distributor on Nielsen Bookdata

In order to do this you will need to download and fill out the Full Distribution Change form and return it to Nielsen. This process can take up to a couple of weeks to complete so please factor this in to your schedule. Click here for instructions on filling out your form. 

Fill Out the New Title Bibliographic Information Form

Fill out the New Title Bibliographic Information Form and return to it to us. Each cell within the form will need to be filled out accurately and with as much detail as you can. The more information that you give, the more attractive your book will be to your readers. You can use the BIC Standard Subject Categories and Qualifiers form to help.

Fill out the Waterstones Trading Application Form

In order to work with Waterstones you need to fill out the Waterstones Trading Application Form and return it to us - we will instruct you on when to do this.

Supply a Jacket Image

We also require a jacket image supplied to the following specifications:

  • PC format (or PC formatted file if using an Apple Mac)
  • 24bit RGB colour .jpg
  • Full front view of cover (no borders)
  • Minimum of 100 dpi 640 pixels tall
  • Saved as its ISBN13.jpg (i.e 9781234567890.jpg)

A jacket image makes your book far more visually appealing to retailers, who are more likely to consider stocking a book if they can see exactly what they are getting.

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